Using the latest AI Shouldn't need a blank check to your data

Amazing AI Apps like ChatGPT are taking the world by storm. But employee use of these AI models risks exposing sensitive data outside your walls. Our Chat UI and APIs scramble sensitive data on the way out, and unscramble it on the way back, so your users get their favorite AI apps, including ChatGPT, with complete confidence that data is secured and audit logged.

📃 Audit log your AI interactions

Credal gives you granular audit logs on all data getting shared with AI providers, back to the source system. So you can track who is sharing what data, with whom, and the MSAs and Terms of Service governing that data.

🤝 MSAs

Credal maintains MSAs with major AI providers to limit retention and ensure models cannot train off of your data.

🔒 Secure Chat

Are your employees pasting meeting notes, docs or emails? That risk is no longer necessary: we give your team their tools, but let you control what data gets shared, with whom, and how.

🖊️ Automatic Redaction

Credal will automatically redact sensitive keywords, phrases, regexes, or entire categories of data (SSNs, PHI etc.) before the data leaves your org. Frictionless for users.

Combine AI with the tools your team already uses every day.

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